House Rules ISU World Allround Championships

  • General conditions are applicable to use of tickets. We would like to point out this house rules.
  • If the visitor leaves the event venue during the event, the admission ticket becomes invalid automatically.
  • The Organization has the right to do a preventive search on all visitors.
  • It is forbidden to bring any spray cans, sprays, selfie sticks, glass materials, plastic bottles, cans, (alcoholic) beverages, food, drugs, umbrella’s, sticks, banner with – in the eyes of the inspection staff – discriminating, abusive, disrespectful, provocative or advertising texts, flammable substances, substances that make excessive noise (bells, rattles, horns or other noise generating devices that can be activated by hand or mouth or driven by gas or batteries), fireworks, (fire)-weapons and/or other dangerous objects to the event or the championships.The Organization has the right to take claim these matters. Claimed goods will not be returned, but destroyed by the Organization or a by a via the Organization appointed third party.
  • The visitor is obliged to maintain the (safety) regulations including the house rules and/or directions given by the Organization staff. It is not allowed for the visitor to harass other visitors and personnel during the event. It is not allowed for the visitor to be publically drunk or urinate in places other than the appointed places. It is forbidden to climb in/on any objects at the event venue.
  • It is forbidden to smoke. This smoking ban with regard to all tobacco products. In the event of a reasonal suspicion of such a situation by the inspection staff of the event, the visitor may be denied access to the event.
  • The visitor may not impede the flow in the Event. This means in any case that the use of accesses, stairs, aisles and landings is limited to the use that is strictly necessary for entering or leaving the Event.
  • The Visitor has no access to the ice rink, Stadium or any other part of the Event that is not intended for entry for the visitor.
  • If there is a seat number on your Admission Ticket, you may only make use of the numbered seat concerned.
  • Selling or offering goods for sale at the Event or having such goods as drinks, food, souvenirs, T-shirts, scarves, flags, etc. is not permitted, except when approved by the Organization.
  • It is not permitted to enter the Event with advertising messages (whether or not in group form) and / or carry out commercial and / or marketing and / or media activities without the approval of the Organization. The security has the right at all times to refuse access and / or to take materials or attributes.
  • It is not allowed to throw objects or liquids in the Stadium
  • It is not allowed to bring dogs and other animals to the Event. This prohibition does not apply to blind guide dogs and assistance dogs.
  • The Organization has the right to register the event, including image and sound registrations of the event and of the visitors of the event. Registration of the event without prior written consent of the Organization including photography, film registration and sound recordings is not allowed. The registration can be used for the promotion of competitions or other skating events organized and operated by the Organization, as well as for partners of the Event.
  • The Visitor may not make (or have made) sound and / or sound recordings of the matches in the Stadium and at the Event without explicit prior written permission from the Organisation Intellectual property rights and / or user rights of recordings made in violation of this article shall accrue to the Organization. It is allowed to make pictures outside of the competition. The use of large professional lenses is not permitted. The range of the lens may not exceed 55mm. This is checked at the entrances of the Event. If you are in possession of a larger lens than described, access to the Event may be refused.
  • The Organization makes every effort to keep the event as much as possible consistent with the pre announced time schedule and line-up. The starting-time on the admission ticket is without prejudice. The Organization cannot be held responsible for any changes, nor can the Organization be held responsible for the execution of the program of the competition, as well as artists’ performances at the event.
  • The Organization accepts no responsibility and/or liability for hearing damage, sight damage, blindness or other physical damage or damaged goods, whether or not caused by other visitors to the Event.
  • Visiting the event is wholly at a visitor’s own risk.In case the visitor violates one of more of the house rules and/or public order and security – to be decided at the Organizations sole discretion – the Organization has the right to deny the visitor further access to the event, remove the visitor from the event venue, hand over the visitor to police and/or claim compensation. This also applies if a visitor wears or carries clothing,texts or signs which, in the opinion of the Organization, may be offensive, discriminating, insulting to or cause aggression or unrest among other visitors.


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